Our Mission is to help people live longer, healthier lives by supplying affordable dental care from trustworthy dental professionals that share common values.

Nevada Dental Benefits will be recognized nationwide for transforming dental insurance to oral health care that reduces costs and improves lives.


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We do what we say and when we say it, and everything will be done ethically.
We always look for ways to develop new approaches that improve dental health and wellness.
We encourage a variety of perspectives and a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers, markets, and communities.
The customer’s experience with our product and services defines our quality.
We take responsibility for how our work impacts people and communities. We volunteer our time and talents to improve the lives of the people in Nevada.
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Nevada Dental Benefits employees live and work in our community. We are proud to be involved in local programs and coalitions that enhance the overall health of the families that live here.

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About Us

Company Overview

NDB formed because of the need for fresh thinking and innovation in the dental benefit market. Each of the principals of the NDB leadership team brings decades of experience in the dental industry to the company and has innovated, delivered and improved the access, quality and affordability of dental care throughout the U.S. We are acutely aware that health benefits are bought and used at the local level. Our mission supports the local values and concerns of the membership.

The team of executives and staff assembled at NDB is comprised of highly recognized and experienced professionals that have dedicated their careers to benefit and disease management for a healthier population. Some of the achievements:

  • Founding member of the National Association of Dental Plans, the recognized resource of the dental benefit industry
  • Member of the NADP Board of Directors – Collectively over 12 years and recipients of the Gabryl Award for Outstanding Industry Service, Star Award, Member of the Circle of Leaders.
  • Managed benefits for over 50 labor unions and 1 million union members.
  • Leadership for tens of thousands of customers and 7 million members.
  • Intimate knowledge of school district, cities, counties, and state benefit programs from the West Coast to the East Coast.
  • Created integrated dental disease management programs that consist of health education, screening, and interventions designed to change an individual’s behavior in order to achieve better health, reduce the associated systemic health risks, and reduce program costs.

PrimeCare Benefits

PrimeCare Benefits is a unified representation and proud result of our work to broaden the scope of our capabilities, product offerings and market presence. PrimeCare Benefits is one of the leading dental health benefit organizations in the Western U.S. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to the best member experience – by delivering on promises, innovating ways to access dental care and make it affordable, keeping perspectives that reflect the diversity of customers and taking responsibility to help the communities we serve.

We started in Nevada with the development of Nevada Dental Benefits, Ltd., a managed care dental organization serving over 170,000 Nevada residents. The development of PrimeCare Administrators brings the strength of our dental networks and the value of our administrative services to self-insured employers and primarily Taft-Hartley trusts, a market our leadership combined has over 100 years serving.

You will begin to notice our new logo and hear reference to the name PrimeCare Benefits. While our company name is changing, all core elements of the organization, including the staff, remain the same. Plan to accept the same level of dedication and service from NDB, as our commitment to integrity, innovation, diversity, experience and community continues.

PrimeCare Benefits helps people live longer, healthier lives by supplying affordable dental care from trustworthy dental professionals that share common values.