Nevada Dental Benefits provides the employer or plan sponsor the expertise of dental management gained from 100 years of service to the industry provided by our leadership team. The greatest value has been from listening to customers large and small, local and international, and learning what is most important to them as buyers. NDB has transferred this knowledge to the local Nevada market giving you and the employee members:

  • Access to affordable and meaningful dental care.
  • A network of dental professionals with the highest of standards and credentials.
  • The most powerful administrative system engineered to lower cost and increase productivity.
  • The highest auto adjudication rates in the industry of over 90%, reducing cost and improving consistency and quality payment.
  • Flexible plan designs with in-network only to Point-of-Service plan options.
  • A comprehensive dental disease management and wellness program consisting of health education, screening, and interventions designed to change an individual’s behavior in order to achieve better health, reduce the associated systemic health risks, and reduce program costs.
  • Local service center including walk-in services.
  • Advanced fraud, waste, and abuse detection to minimize its impact on costs.
  • Real time statistics, comparisons, and trends available to the client and demonstrating the true worth of the program.