Community Outreach

Involvement with Local Charity Organizations NDB supports the United Labor Agency of Nevada (ULAN) through board membership, donated funds and volunteer resources. NDB provides funds for qualified union families at the holidays, so they can be sure to have a nice meal. ULAN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community services agency incorporated in Nevada. ULAN assists individuals and families who are experiencing the hardship of an unexpected crisis. ULAN representatives assess an individual’s situation, assist with their immediate needs and work with them to prepare a plan for self-sufficiency and financial stability.

ULAN’s mission is to improve the quality of life for workers and their families, and the community at large. Their mission is to engage and empower members of organized labor to improve the community to be a more responsible place to live, work, raise a family and retire. Several members of NDB’s executive team have been assisting ULAN since its inception, almost 18 years ago. NDB’s Vice President of Client Relations, Cathie Davenport, is one of the three executive officers on the ULAN Board and has maintained that position for several years.

Community Coalition for Oral Health (CCOH) Cathie Davenport, NDB’s VP of Client Relations and Dr. Patricia Steiner, NDB’s Dental Director are members of the Community Coalition for Oral Health in Southern Nevada (CCOH). In June 2013, Mrs. Davenport was nominated as Committee Chair. The vision for this group is to achieve optimal oral health for all Clark County residents by advocating for increased prevention, access and awareness.  Through NDB’s involvement with the coalition, NDB has been able to collaborate with the State of Nevada’s Chronic Disease and Oral Health Program managers to help align resources and goals to advance the improvement of oral health in Nevada.